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tv   Headline News  RT  July 20, 2014 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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live. today's news on the week's top stories right here on. the. quick international involvement to investigate the crash of the malaysian airliner . two hundred ninety eight. and even before the start of the probe. to say the plane was. controlled by resistance. an investigation is ongoing into one of the worst. during the morning rush hour.
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with local describing heavy. three hundred forty dead. and then. taking the brunt. of the weekly. highlighting the top headlines of the past week today. laid. to remains of two hundred ninety eight people these are the scenes from the site of this week's tragic crash of a malaysian passenger jet in east ukraine eighty two of those on board the airliner were children. and the u.n. have an international investigation and a team of observers arrived at the same scene on friday but it's. now reports.
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say international involvement has been very sluggish. situation here the plane crash site is certainly a different from what we encountered say in the first and the second day the area is now cordoned off by plainclothes militia i imagine and the bodies of the victims of the bodies have been taken away. for the self-defense forces and control of this area say they've made several appeals to the international community to get it seem of the experts here as soon as possible sense of urgency is boosted by this year it's some thirty degrees and the bodies of the victims are starting to decompose rapidly to do so we want a comprehensive and objective investigation but we don't feel like there's enthusiasm among the international community in experts several dozen experts who
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are currently in kiev we're asking them please come here faster we are surprised and frankly angered that we have to keep the area untouched while we've been waiting for them for so long meanwhile kiev has already rushed to accuse the end to government forces of meddling with the crash scene. the pro russian fighters are not allowing investigators to collect and transfer the evidence they're also not letting the search and rescue leave the area the groups are currently working under the threat of armed force. since then the republics have said they will guarantee the safety of international experts but for now the only international groups to make it to the scene of the crash is there for security and cooperation in europe the always see but it seems that right now they can do a little but stand by and watch although there is very little as we've reported there's very little security on the perimeter of the cross site we did notice that
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when he arrived today there was a cordon of armed security personnel both sides of the road when the process was basically as follow is that people go out to spot the body be photographed take video with it and then the body is placed on the back and put beside the roadway is a brief from the plane is screwed over its words a kilometer radius which is likely to slow down the investigation and that large area is right in the middle of the conflict zone all this means that a clear analysis of how this plane came to crash in the field in eastern ukraine is unlikely to come see if indeed it comes at all and that is a heavy burden for many of the relatives of the victims who plan to come here to the scene of the disaster. of eastern ukraine. let's take a look at the chronology of events in the run up to the crash it was thursday july seventeenth twelve fifteen pm local time the plane left for kuala lumpur four twenty one pm ukrainian time radio and radar contact with the flight lost and then
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the hour the crash site was located and there were no survivors that by eight pm both kiev and government troops had denied shooting down the plane instead pinning the blame on each other and then the process of identification began with the victims leaving ultimately malaysian authorities with the airlines as well and the government the task of notifying hundreds of grief stricken relatives and leaving those who witnessed the crash in a state of shock. you solution a little caught i heard terrible noise i went out first and then my has been the woman fell to the ground right after i ran out i was in shock i couldn't go further than my yard but. as soon as we went out of the house we saw a body lying nearby it must have fallen from a very high altitude now you can smell the odor over here there are no words to describe it finally we were swimming and we heard three distinct shots actually not
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sure it's more like explosions and then we saw the plane falling its wing was falling off and then we saw black smoke and that's all that the fish floor first i didn't notice anything my son went out and said mom there's a body in the kitchen and there was plaster everywhere i thought it was just a pile of rubbish but then i understood it was a human body without a leg and with arms twisted and broken it's a murder a real murder and for malaysian airlines the plane crash of m.h. seventeen is the second disaster in less than five months in march flight three seventy disappeared on its way to beijing in both cases have left certainly many more questions than answers reporting from kuala lumpur as artie's alexy the ship's . inside the kuala lumpur international airport right now nothing speaks of the horrible tragedy of thursday it works without disruptions this is different to the situation in march when the other malaysian airlines jet went missing relatives of
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those on board were literally beseeching the malaysian airlines offices back then they still had hope of seeing their loved ones alive. there's no chance of that for the families connected to thursday's tragedy over ukraine but what unites the two apparently different disasters is the fact there are far more questions than answers starting with the mh seventeen jets flight path. and didn't see by the local pool. never. believe. that you could see the plane. but if that route was safe and many other jets had flown it on the day why had several airlines decided to change their paths malaysian authorities claim the plane was flying on the set route but flight tracker data published online suggest the path could have been changed to three hundred kilometers further north. community. we.
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carry in some carry. very safe. cross. but if the flight trajectory is more a matter over speculation right now one alteration it made has been officially confirmed as a flight. so we have to be and. indeed altitude changes on request is a common practice but the malaysian authorities have received no clarification as to why it was ordered on that day supposedly minutes before the jet went down most religious of the passengers of m.h. seventeen have now gone to ukraine to identify the bodies
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a team of malaysian investigators is following them in the hope of shedding at least some light on this dark story. the reporting from kuala lumpur in malaysia take a detailed look now at the area where m.h. seventeen it came down ultimately if i may the little town good of all here it's where most of the debris has been found the plane came from all way from the northwest it flew almost over the entire conflict zone here and i'm including two former hotspots going to come of course now major ukrainian army outposts and the crash site itself is there a directly almost directly located between the regional capitals of lugansk and done yet sq in kiev and anti-government forces have engaged in some of the fiercest fighting over their airports over there is just kilometers away from the border with russia that's been shelled by the ukrainian army on numerous occasions and just earlier this week in the neighboring town of snow right here that's where an air strike was deployed. and destroyed
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a large residential building killing at least eleven people well so far there is no conclusive evidence but ukraine is claiming that antigovernment forces shot down the plane and kiev is based in his accusations on several bits of unverified information shortly after the jet went down ukraine circulated what it called a leaked phone call in which the opposition fighters allegedly admitted to firing on the plane a video released by kiev purports to show a book mobile surface to air missile system in eastern ukraine allegedly with one of its missiles missing the plane crashed on territory controlled by the opposition claims there's a nothing to implicate them despite the fact that the ukrainian armed forces also have a very heavy presence in exactly that location let's bring up a list right now of the nationalities of those on board the ill fated flight the majority of the dutch one hundred ninety three forty three victims including all crew members malaysian and there were twenty seven australians and nationals from
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germany britain and the philippines and indonesia the plane crash is one of the biggest modern tragedies for the netherlands and artie's pretty relevant now reports from that country. the devastating news no one expects to hear. malaysian boeing alan has been reportedly downed based on the reuters and interfax a malaysian airlines flight with about two hundred ninety five people on board has crashed grief spills over his family and friends of those on board m.h. seventeen make it to the airport in amsterdam at the scene. strewn among the carnage each one a painful reminder of a person who died and each of those people leave behind friends and family it's in small communities like this one that have been directly affected that the real human tragedy becomes clear neil tall and her partner course children on the flight
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outside the flower shop they owned floral tributes pile up those who saw them day on day a left stunned we couldn't believe what's happened. rumors spread quickly on the facebook in the morning to see outside then those are the flowers. then you know it's good it happened for real in the shop window a sign for the postman drop the mail off next door we're on holiday there were very lovely people and. you know i did want to just to just enjoy a holiday for two weeks and come back and say to pick up the post and i are great holiday before stepping on the plane shoulder posted this message on facebook it's understood and is told had been uneasy about the flight following the disappearance of a malaysian airlines jet early at this year. family members stand sobbing in front
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of a book of condolences they told me they just can't bring themselves to speak on camera it's not only those who lost relatives in the tragedy who were grieving the netherlands is in a state of disbelief following the deaths of nearly two hundred of its citizens in the disaster we were all shocked and very much. because especially for me. it's really. strange because my father mother and i have been on the this same flight many times. from. so many dutch people were on that plane this tragedy has affected our song. with think about it it's not realistic people just the public airplane taking it down in this small country of only seventeen million people it seems nearly everyone has been touched in some way by this the worst disaster to affect the country in its recent history
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teacher all of our party netherlands and if it's proven that resistance fighters in east ukraine did down the mh seventeen then it is a direct result of russia destabilizing a sovereign state and supporting anti government fight as well as at least the view of the british prime minister david cameron and the accusation started even before the beginning of any official investigation is guy nature can. before investigators made it to the crash site the u.s. announced to the world where the deadly missile shot came from evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by a surface to air missile that was launched from an area that is controlled by russian backed separatists inside of ukraine but the u.s. president stopped short of saying who pulled the trigger we don't know exactly what happened and yet u.s. officials all but to accuse the rebels in eastern ukraine and russia by association of having shot down the plane president obama based his suggestions on incidents of
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ukrainian military jets that the rebels recently shot out of the sky a group of separatists can shoot down. military transport planes or they claim shoot down fighter jets without sophisticated equipment and sophisticated training and that is coming from russia russia says t.v. is responsible because it launched this military operation in eastern ukraine and the u.s. supported it moscow has also raised a number of questions for kiev to answer including why it hadn't closed the airspace over what was clearly a war zone the jim gray why did the air traffic controller send a passenger flights to an area of military clashes in an area which was used to carry out strikes against civilian targets and where there were anti-aircraft systems operating all members of the un security council including russia and the united states have called for a credible impartial investigation of the disaster it will take time before any
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results come through but the blame game is already in full swing down to check on r.t.e. washington d.c. . well a storm of accusations has been unleashed by the mainstream media which picked up on the words coming out of the u.s. and kiev of course so the blame well that's been put on the shoulders of government and government forces i should say amid claims they're being supported by that of moscow the editor of the global media inc media channel daniel schecter he believed to be end of the day all this war mongering is just going to make all of it a whole bunch was many in the media in america are already blaming president putin personally for this as if he is responsible but without any evidence to back it up and of course the ukrainian president has blamed terrorists whoever they are. trading of accusations between the ukrainian military and the so-called separatists in the east of the ukraine obviously to needs to be some sort of
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a kind of ceasefire there and a real serious investigation if you want to get at the truth this is a very politically laced subject that really requires this passionate international investigation. well all the lives have been lost this week in eastern ukraine that were not involved in the plane crash victims of going military crackdown against its own citizens in the east of largely unnoticed in the past few days after the break we were put on the offensive against the region's two biggest cities not far from the crash site. bloody onslaught with no end in sight as the israeli palestinian conflict escalates further relook at the young and vulnerable of gaza who are suffering the most and the effects. coming i think the afghans are invincible they're too independent minded they love
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freedom. they don't want to see foreigners in their country and will fight to guerilla war till the end. we speak your language. news programs and documentaries and spanish matters to you breaking news a little turn to angles stories. you hear. the spanish find out more visit.
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thanks for sharing some of your sunday with us here on out to international this week ukrainian forces that moved closer to the regional centers of east ukraine. their approach of course mobbed by the heavy firing of artillery shells the people who live in the shadows of air raid sirens and shooting on the streets at least sixteen civilians dying after being hit in broad daylight dozens of buildings including a damaged the total number of lives lost in the region since early june has reached two hundred fifty that's according to monitors from the security corporation in europe for the latest updates on the area you can always get this report right now we spoke with. a very short time ago. reported
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hearing air raid sirens again again last night and they're saying that fighting continues on the outskirts. now according to defense forces ukrainian troops are gaining ground to take over the. internet to these that are essentially capitals of the two regions. varying. by the ukrainian army this city has been heavily. damaged people are saying they are left without water electricity gas is also. finding a shortage off of course there are instances of people being hit in the middle of the day by artillery and mortar shells at one instance eight people have died. always see observers have said that two hundred fifty people have been killed since the beginning of june alone previously that number is given for civilian casualties for these hydration and conflict for both regions we can assume that that number is
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probably a lot higher than. we heard on the border between russia and ukraine with residents complaining about shells flying into their backyards essentially and despite the fact that petro poroshenko has assured that civilians are not going to be the. targets by ukrainian military nevertheless they seem to be bearing the brunt of the pressure and when exactly if this conflict is going to end is not yet clear and with of course the world's attention being on the aftermath of the disaster of flight m.h. seventeen the fighting that doesn't seem to subside in southeastern ukraine goes on as before. now this is on yet city that not too long ago matches in the euro twenty twelve football championship today there are holes in the walls mass broken windows and rockets as you can see there in the ground one of the buildings hit was
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a kindergarten the people there told us they have no where to go and ultimately feel helpless people schoolkid if you look at the shrapnel a joint shell landed here with me some of the people who lives. nearby was damaged . windows had gone to the authorities are doing. i don't know what are you next to where to go. in response to an increase in pressure from washington over the crisis in ukraine russia has now barred twelve u.s. nationals from entering the country two of them are allegedly involved in torture at guantanamo bay all the others were accused of having links to the abuse of detainees at abu ghraib prison in iraq the move comes days after america imposed a new set of sanctions on russian companies you can always read more about those stories online and. many other stories for you for example convert pay or die. there's now a no room for christians in an iraqi city that's now found itself part of the
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so-called islamic state and all about the ultimatums set by most schools new rules via our website. so this story of over two hundred caves and pits could make movement of colonization a little bit easier now says the latest study on the matter is waiting for you at odyssey dawn. one of the worst crashes in the history of the moscow metro shook the capitol on tuesday this week three subway cars derailed after coming to an abrupt stop during the morning rush hour or than twenty people were killed one hundred fifty hospitalized some remaining in intensive care and here's some footage of the aftermath. i. know.
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it took emergency workers three days to remove the wreckage and carry out repairs allowing traffic on the metro line to resume a one eyewitness recounts the next. thing you know i was thrown into the air there was blood on the floor heads some people had broken ribs and one person. all in all the people were hysterical we started to get out we saw during the tunnel what it meant eventually broke that story so workers constructing a paranoid town was they helped us to get out. there are a number of theories as to how a decade old railway section became the scene of such a deadly accident so far investigators believe a faulty switch was to blame while two metro workers have been detained over safety preaches. thanks for joining us here on r.t.
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international today israel has expanded its ground invasion into gaza sending in additional forces recent attacks were the heaviest so far in one asteroid just this morning four palestinians were killed including two children and the son of a senior hamas official reports say more than thirty bodies were taken to hospitals on sunday and doctors fear the number of dead will only rise. was i was. was. the only food was. was. was. an. israeli tank fire has reportedly killed at least twenty palestinians in one neighborhood in gaza city
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just this morning residents said they saw bodies on the streets with ambulances unable to pick them up because of the destruction of two more i.d.f. soldiers were killed overnight bringing the total number of over israeli casualties to seven fold diplomatic efforts to end the fighting have so far failed nonstop ground and air attacks have now left more than three hundred sixty augustine's day . on wednesday the israeli palestinian conflict took the lives of four young palestinian boys they were shelled as they were playing football on a beach in gaza should warn you you're going to find some of the upcoming pictures from the scene disturbing they died on a clear and sunny often in an area regarded as one of the safest in gaza and is ready ship apparently fired on the beach exactly where the children were playing playing now some of the kids who were injured managed to reach shelter at a nearby hotel before boys who didn't make it a safety old relatives. these are the grieving
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family members of the children of the woman a moment ago the mother of one of the boys and their funerals were held in gaza just hours after they died israel and hamas agreed to a humanitarian ceasefire after the incident but that only lasted for five hours. and israeli defense forces spokesperson we spoke to insisted that israel is going to great lengths to never target civilians and we do not show targets in the new or any way or form or civilians we talk it must terrorists and the idea for peroration is ongoing in order to restore safety and security for the state of israel i must decided to have an onslaught against against this. even when we held our stations yesterday for six hours they continued to bombard israel. indiscriminately and we were left basically with no alternative. the israel gaza conflict has led to
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anger worldwide pro palestinian demonstrators and paris with tear gas off the thousands flooded the streets that they were angry at a ban on pro palestinian protests put in place by authorities france is the first country to implement such about demonstrators that clashed with riot police some of them climbing on top of buildings to set fire to his ready flag and from paris to london where thousands of protesters also turned out to voice their i'm over the invasion into gaza. just london and paris but also where protesters also went to the streets and in the thousands showing support of palestine. thanks for joining us today after the break he get a look behind the scenes of how we bring you the news here on our international another edition of news team taking you back stange.
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if there's anything we're afraid of in the modern western world is an al qaeda or aids or something like that it's words just words especially on the internet morning radio shock jock in the cumia from the opie and anthony show has been fired for a massive twitter rant that he made against a woman who believe that the radio host was taking mocking photographs of her and got aggressive with him who may claim to just be taking pictures of time square now normally what you do outside of work shouldn't matter but with public personalities i can see how people want them to have good behavior all the time but the problem is that guys like him are put on the airwaves to have bad behavior what does the sirius x.m. company expect from people they put on air to be wild and raunchy this is typical corporate boardroom mentality well we want morning gigi's to be really crazy and shook ing but not too crazy and sure hey i don't have a horse in this race i actually think the opie and anthony show is.


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